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Document Management

Inesol employ a dedicated Document Management consult and have a close partnership with a document and image management consultancy in Bristol. Together we have developed two in-house products, one running on Lotus Notes and the other on SQL Server, both of which retail to the financial services sector. We also have our own barcode scanning software and PDF conversion routines. Our Integra Server has been developed especially to deal with General Correspondence in the Pensions Administration sector.Read More

Document Management Consists Of Two Key Elements:

  1. To act as a central, structured & scalable repository for timestamped inbound documents
  2. To act as a central source of version controlled templates for outbound documents

In an ideal business cycle:
The user uses an automated template to create a new letter to customer. The Windows client should only display the documents that the server has said it can have for that stage of that process (or general ones). The server automatically presents the latest approved version of the template to create the letter, and the Windows client prepopulates much of the data (eg the address) from the information it has about the customer from HR or a CRM. A bar code should automatically added to the letter for use when scanning later.

When the user finishes the letter & hits save, it is automatically added to the document store for that case & customer. The server will probably automatically convert it to a locked PDF format (if configured) before saving it.

When a reply or form is received back it is scanned and if no barcode is on the document one is added using the server application. The server automatically reads the barcode and files the scanned image in the correct part of the document library for that customer (or adds it to a CRM) so it can be accessed by the Windows Client in future.

We are able to supply all the elements in this cycle and have done so for a number of customers including LloydsTSB, GE Capital and the Leadership Trust. Our Own CRM software employs just such a cycle.

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