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Sharepoint As A Project Portal

Inesol use Sharepoint Team Services and Project Server as our primary tool for managing projects involving Indian development teams.

In addition to our UK consultancy, Inesol have their own Indian development team under the direct control of the Development & Professional Services Consultancies in the UK. Inesol do NOT wish to enter the market of of outsourced body shopping charged at an hourly rate, but are instead offering dedicated fulltime development resource on a longer term or project based rates.

Known as India's "Silicon Valley" Bangalore is the hub of the sub-continent's IT industry with a huge number of highly skilled post-graduates, and a strategic Government investment programme that provides an infrastructure that is difficult to match in either the US or the UK. For any given IT budget Bangalore provides a better quality of development team.

The Inesol figure includes the cost of supporting line managers (with good PM skills) and office clerks and assumes that top quality graduates with multiple current skill sets are being employed. It includes the cost of running the project and software management systems for those developers. It also includes the cost of a dedicated account manager whose sole job is to ensure that you are happy with the services being provided by the team.

  • Inesol are well aware of the real life limitations of a remote Indian development team, we have even had problems on internal projects in the past. However we have learnt over time how best to manage the situation and what systems, processes and procedures work best.

With Groupware, project management, and document management systems all being part of INeSOL's core skillset we are uniquely well qualified to manage development projects across geographically distributed teams. Our management centres in the US & UK means that senior management is always available 24 hours a day, in addition to which our on-line awareness systems allow teams to chat and sharefiles on opposite sides of the world.

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