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Lotus Notes Pocket CRM

With sales forces increasingly using mobile Windows devices such as XDAs to take notes and access their email whilst on the move, Inesol were approached last year to build a Lotus Notes on a Pocket PC. The application (which is built using .Net mobile) replicates with Inesol's Lotus Notes CRM database on the client's server.

The application fully supports Notes replication, database, and security features, and any data updated on the Lotus Notes server is replicated back down to the Pocket PC at the next connection.

The application itself supports attachments, email, doclinks and OLE embedded objects (such as the embedded spreadsheet shown here) and will send email direct from the Pocket PC via the phone network when out of the office.

We genuinely believe that this is the most advanced Lotus Notes application running on the Pocket PC at the present time, and we are unaware of any company doing this type of development in the UK.

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